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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I Activate my Login?

Once you have registered – see How do I Register. You will receive an email with an activation link. Click on the link or copy and paste the link into your browser and this will activate your login. 

Updated October 25 2019 16:00

How do I check or edit my Login details?

After logging in, click on 'My Profile'. You can now update your profile. Click on 'Save My Profile' once you have finished. 

Updated October 25 2019 15:34

How do I Login?

Follow the steps in How do I Register and How do I Activate my Login first. Go to www.ipayimpact.co.uk Click on 'Log In'. Enter your Username. Enter your Password. Click 'Log On'. You are now logged in. ....

Updated October 25 2019 16:02

How do I Register?

You will have received a letter from your establishment which gives you: Pupil ID / Account Ref (for your child/ren). This letter will detail how you can access the website www.ipayimpact.co.uk and some simple instructions on how to use the website to make p....

Updated October 25 2019 15:59

I have forgotten my Password / How do I reset my Password?

iPayimpact works with 2 types of login:  iPayimpact mygovscot myaccount If you have forgotten your iPayimpact password – follow these steps: Go to www.ipayimpact.co.uk Click on 'Log In'. Click on 'Reset your password'. Enter your Username. Enter your valid email....

Updated October 25 2019 16:10