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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Register?

You will have received a letter from your establishment which gives you:

  1. Pupil ID / Account Ref (for your child/ren).

This letter will detail how you can access the website www.ipayimpact.co.uk and some simple instructions on how to use the website to make payments and look at purchase history for your child/ren.

Registration is easy, but will depend on which type of logins your establishment has mandated you should use: 

  1. iPayimpact
  2. mygovscot myaccount

Your establishment will instruct you as to which you should use.

If you are to use an iPayimpact login do the following: 

  1. Go to www.ipayimpact.co.uk
  2. Click on 'Register'.
  3. Enter the Pupil ID / Account Ref – as provided by your establishment for one of your children.
  4. Enter your Username – this is what you will use to login to your account.
  5. Enter a VALID email address – this must be valid as it will be used to send you payment receipts and activation details for your account.
  6. Confirm the email address by entering it again.
  7. Enter a Password that you will remember. Please remember NOT to give your password details to anyone else. Your Password MUST be a minimum of 6 characters, plus include at least one capital letter; one number and one other character that is NOT a number or letter.
  8. Confirm your Password.
  9. Answer the Maths Test - this is to prevent automated SPAM registrations.
  10. Read the terms and conditions by clicking 'Click here to view the terms and conditions'. Once read, close the newly opened tab/window before continuing.

An email will be sent to the email address you entered above. Please go to your email and follow the instructions you receive to activate your login.

Updated October 25 2019 15:59