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Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten my Password / How do I reset my Password?

iPayimpact works with 2 types of login: 

  1. iPayimpact
  2. mygovscot myaccount

If you have forgotten your iPayimpact password – follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.ipayimpact.co.uk
  2. Click on 'Log In'.
  3. Click on 'Reset your password'.
  4. Enter your Username.
  5. Enter your valid email address.
  6. Click on 'Reset Password'.
    A message will be sent to your email address with instructions on how to reset your password.
  7. Click on the link in the email.
  8. You can now enter your new Password and Confirm this by entering it again.
    Your new Password MUST be a minimum of 6 characters, plus include at least one capital letter, one number and one other character that is NOT a number or letter.
  9. Click on 'Change Password'.

You can now log in using your new Password.

Updated October 25 2019 16:10