The iPayimpact online payment system gives you a more convenient and flexible way to make payments online. By making cashless payments online, you know that your money has reached the establishment safely. You can view your account statement and payment history and check when payments need to be made. For parents with children in primary or secondary education, some establishments also display their menu online or report which meal your child chose at lunchtime. Cashless payments help your child’s establishment be more efficient as administration time in the office is reduced.

Secure Registration Process

For you to use this online service, your local authority has specified that iPayimpact uses myaccount, the simple and secure sign-in service for accessing online public services in Scotland. It provides people living in Scotland with the ability to set up an online account and use it - using a single user name and password if they choose - to access a growing range of online public services. If you already have a myaccount, click on the Sign-In logo above.

If you don’t already have one, setting up an online account involves a simple registration process, and by clicking on the Register logo above. Once you’ve registered by providing a minimal amount of information, including about you and where you live, you’ll be sent two emails; one with a username and another with a one-time use password.

Once you sign in, you’ll be prompted to create a new password. When you’ve completed the sign in process, you’ll be shown details of the data you consent to share with iPayimpact.

Logging into iPayimpact will then allow you to access the accounts of the individuals for whom you intend to make payments, requiring you only to have the appropriate account references to hand when doing so.