Allergy Advice

If you have a food allergy or intolerance, or someone you are ordering for has, please contact the school kitchen to check whether your chosen food is suitable, before placing your order. We can help provide the school’s phone number so that you can contact the kitchen directly. If you’re unable to contact the school, we recommend not placing or cancelling your order.

Read the FAQs below for more information about our allergy policies.

Why isn’t CRB Cunninghams able to guarantee my meal is suitable for my allergies or intolerances?

We wish we could, but the school kitchen themselves are responsible for cooking your order. If you want to make sure their food won’t affect your food allergies, they’re the best people to get in touch with. Additionally, the kitchen is best placed to answer your questions about ingredients used in your meal and how they are cooked, i.e. whether shared fryers and grills are used and whether this may mean that the food is not suitable for you.

Why should I have to contact the restaurant if I have a food allergy or intolerance? Why can’t CRB Cunninghams check?

Because we’re not prepared to put your health at risk. The only person who can tell you exactly what’s going into your food is the chef cooking it for you.

Even if we confirmed a school’s menu was suitable for people with food allergies or intolerances, they could always change their ingredients at a later date. Then we’d be giving you out-of-date information. We don't want to take that risk with your health.

How does CRB Cunninghams make sure the information on Fusion Online is correct?

When a school signs up to Fusion Online, they have to provide us with up-to-date menu information. We then include this when presenting their menu page. We also require them to notify us if any menu details change.

Aren’t food businesses required by law to provide information about certain allergens?

Definitely. School kitchens usually give access to this information by making it clear you can obtain food allergy information by contacting a member of the canteen staff. We’re always happy to give you the school’s number so that you can call them directly to inform them of your food allergies and/or intolerances and check whether your chosen food is suitable for you, before placing your order directly with them.

I have some more questions about food allergies – what can I do?

We always recommend you contact the school directly to discuss your specific food allergies or intolerances before placing your order directly with them.